To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird In "To Kill a Mockingbird" Scout feels bad at the end of the book because she believes that neighbors give in return and she did not give her neighbor, Boo Radley, anything in return for all of the things that he did for her. This comment comes from a child Scout narrator because she does not fully understand what Jem and her really gave Boo in return. Scout believes that Jem and her never gave anything to Boo in return, but they don’t understand that they gave Boo something way more valuable than a materialistic good. Scout and Jem gave Boo friendship, which Boo cherished more than Scout and Jem realized. Scout and Jem were the only two people in the county that wanted to actually see and talk to Boo, while everyone else just let him stay all by himself. Boo liked that he finally had somebody that wanted to talk to him and get to know him. That’s why Boo gave them those gifts, so that the kids could get to know something about him and so that he would have something to do. Boo was appreciative that that Scout and Jem would defy their father, so that they would have the chance to meet him, which no one has ever wanted to do. Also, in the story Boo was doing things for the children, like sewing up Jem's pants and leaving them gifts in the tree for them to find. This gave Boo something to do, rather than just sitting around his house all day. He would watch them to see their reactions when they found his gifts and the pants, to see that they were just ever more intrigued with him. Scout and Jem's involvement is what Boo wanted most, just someone who wanted to see and talk to him. At the end of the story Boo saved the two children's lives from a drunken Mr. Ewell. After this event, scout was sure that there was no way that she could ever repay him for what he did for them. He really just wanted to care about him and that is what Jem and Scout did throughout the story. They took an interest into him