Essay about To Kill A Mockingbird-Part 1

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From pages fourteen to sixteen, the Radley place is described from a child's point of view so everything is mostly exaggerated and made bigger than it is. Throughout the extract we can see the children's view and fictional stories as well as their suspicions, which we discover are being told from Miss Stephanie Crawford. "Our warnings" "being a safe distance from the house" suggests that they think there is danger associated with the house. "wondered about the house" shows curiosity and eagerness to find out about it. "the house darkened in colour" and "oak trees kept the sun away" makes us imagine a drained and empty house with no life within it. "a baseball hit into the Radley garden was gone, no questions asked"is a very unusual opinion from children as for normal children would be eager to claim back their ball but their fears cause them to abandon their possessions.

Within the extract we are told stories and given information by Scout which makes it untrustworthy as Scout is very young and imagines what she thinks happened instead of what has really happened. This effects how we look at different characters, although the readers know it isn't the entire truth being told. Scout explains how unusual the Radley family are, how they "don't go to church" which was the main social gathering in Maycomb at this time. “arrived home promptly from town” shoes Mr.Radley wishes to avoid people by returning home as quick as he can and doesn’t want to be out in public. Scout…