To Kill a Mockingbird Pursuasive Essay

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Atticus’ Parenting Skills Before the situation with Tom Robinson appeared, Atticus’ parenting skills were still in question. Not only by the community, but by his family. Even his children considered their relationship “satisfactory…” (Lee 6). Atticus’ parenting style may not have the goals that a fatherly figure normally would. His children see that odd “satisfactory…” (Lee 6) relationship, but no one should criticize him for it. Although Atticus is an exceptional father looking at his teaching of life lessons, he lacks in such empathy for children. “Do you know what a compromise is?” (Lee 41) he teaches Scout that they can continue on reading without telling the teacher, because it is a compromise. Normally a parent wouldn’t think of teaching a children in the first grade about compromising and basically lying and hiding things from a teacher. But he has always been full-heartedly honest with his children. Atticus is not only logical, but he is also honest and open with his children and expects the same from them. He is open to mature adult conversations about his cases “No honey…” (Lee 101). Although his children are too young to understand the prejudice and animosity in the world, he tries his best to explain honestly to his children about the world. Everyone in Maycomb openly criticizes his ability to raise his own children without a wife. Although everyone in Maycomb openly detests Atticus, they couldn’t say he tries as a…