To kill a mockingjay Essay

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The film ‘to kill a mockingbird’ was a 1962 major motion picture but the setting of the film was in the small, rural town of Maycomb, Alabama, during the early 1930s. It was published in the Civil Rights movement, and was hailed as an exposé of Southern racist society. The main conflict behind the film is that the childhood innocence is threatened by numerous incidents that expose the evil side of human nature.
This film was deeply oriented within the history of the depression era. In this era, the values of the white being the superior is still there. That racism is large as the ‘blacks’ are usually blamed for everything. The film also features values of gender which represents what life was like in the 1960s. Just like life the film also showed the idea of the people being forced to be a traditional female/male. The tomboyish Scout was pushed into a traditional gender role by her aunt Alexandra—a role that often runs counter to her father's values and her own natural inclinations. These were some traditions that people in that era wanted but also what Aunt Alexandra wanted.
Racism was displayed in the film as Tom Robinson was sent to trial for kissing a white lady, which was against what the white believed. In life, the white and the black stayed away from each other, the blacks were treated like servants to the white so kissing a white was not allowed in that era. This was displayed in the film: ‘She tempted a Negro. She was white, and she tempted a Negro. She did something that, in our society, is unspeakable. She kissed a black man.