To Live And The Bucket Cliff Notes

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To Live and The Bucket List notes

To Live 1. To me the point of the movie seemed to be in the title and then some. To live is to take what you get and see the good in it and always keep moving forward. * There was some gnarly stuff that happened to this family, but they always seemed to try their best to move forward. Fugui and his gambling problem first got them into trouble, but the way the government/civil war things turned out, it was actually better that his fortune was given to someone else, or he could have been executed for not donating his riches to the government cause. Fugui looks back on that and feels this way, showing that he’s trying to see the pros in any situation. * Through the beginning, there were various times where Fugui was separated from his family and each time he was reunited his first goal seemed to be to get his familial relations back to normal. 2. I think that the film uses the phases of China and it’s governmental development to parallel the different dramas and stages of Fugui and his family’s life. Each big change in the world in China coincides with a big change in Fugui’s family life. I feel like this use of the parallels of phases kind of represents progress and moving on. China doesn’t stay the same, so why should families not change? * The relationships between the family members seem a little weird here and there as well. Fugui and his wife go through some interesting changes, the son and the mom seem to have a bond that’s different than everyone else’s. The siblings really care about each other, but the son and his father don’t have the best of relationships after the kitchen mix up where Youqing was defending his sister and the community thought that it could be a plan by Fugui to sabotage the government. 3. Even after the tragedies of losing their riches, their son, and their daughter, the movie still ends on a good note where you can tell that thought they aren’t happy about their losses, they know that life is still worth living. I feel like the whole point of the movie is almost completely voiced in the last part where their grandson asks about the chicks and Fugui explains that they’ll keep growing and growing just like everything else and life just keeps getting better and better. The positive outlook really seems to show that this movie illustrates an unfair hand dealt to a family, paired with the pressures and changes in a country’s government with the stresses of war can’t fully take the will to continue living from anyone.

The Bucket List 1. Just like we discussed in class, Edward has a slight denial issue but having Carter there to just talk to really helps him open up about the situation. They both just needed to talk about their situation, about their lives, and their regrets, as well as create some