To Miss Aunt Rachel Haverford Essay

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To Miss Aunt Rachel Haverford,
I have finally realised that my parents can’t be who I want them to be, I have longed for the day they can gently wake me up with soft tea cake kisses and quietly whisper “its time for school Charles.”
I use my imagination quiet frequently, I often imagine my mother and father surprising me and getting me from school early, they take me to the back of the courthouse where there’s a pond and small area of grass to sit on.
I can see the huge smile on my mothers face as she watching my father and I play about, chasing the ducks and running through the tall itchy grass on the other side of the pond, her smile could instantly make others happy.
And just then the moon slowly creeps up over the horizon, dancing over the water, reflecting into my eyes, and then I drift back into reality.
Aunt Rachel, Mississippi gets very boring, I very much Miss Scout, Mr Finch and Jem, but mostly Scout, did you know we plan on getting married when were both grown up? I also miss you to, as much as I love Mississippi, I think I much prefer Maycomb. There’s something about Maycomb, could it be the sweet smell of the hay? Maybe it was the curiosity of everything. I know that the day only goes for 24hours but in Maycomb it felt a lot longer, which really wasn’t a bad thing, it meant I had more time to spy on Boo Radley, eat your sweet cakes and drink your cold lemonade. I guess there wasn’t much hurry in Maycomb, not like there was a lot to really do, not many main attractions, but Aunt Rachel that’s what I like about the place, you could make your own fun, without asking for money, because there isn’t anything to really spend it on. Maycomb is home to me, and right now home is where I want to be, I do not enjoy being here in Mississippi.

Now Mr Atticus Finch is a very wise man, he really made me feel like apart of the family whilst I was in his home, I noticed that he is a respected man around town. Such a gentle soul aunt Rachel, I remember having lunch there this one time and instead on sitting inside he suggest we eat outside and listen to the quant harmony of the mockingbirds, I was confused at first but the songs they sang were like they should have been a ballerina dancing to the tunes. He told us 3 kids including Calpurina their maid, that “mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy, they sing there hearts out for us, that’s why it’s a sin to kill a mocking bird.”
Throughout my stay and letters I received from Jem and Scout after I left I finally realised what Mr Finch meant, it was around 3 weeks after I read my letters from the Finch kids that I felt guilty for the way I thought of Mr. Radley, all this time he was only trying to help us kids, he left Jem and Scout presents in the tree, and covered scout with a blanket during the fire, and eventually saves the children from Bob Ewell. He is an innocent man, he is like a mockingbird.

Aunt Rachel after reading this letter, im hoping I will be close to Maycomb. I have already written to scout telling her to meet me at the train station. I mean she is definitely the first person I want to see, scout is such a confident girl, I have never known a girl to stand up to boys without cringing, also very smart, scout helped me to read and write a little, now I can write letters to you all the time aunt Rachel.
She also taught me a lot about sticking up for myself, you see I am not a typical rough and tough type of boy, I much prefers to stand back a bit and observe more than be in the middle. I think that’s why it’s very hard for me to talk to my mother and step father, it upsets me in a lot of ways being in that house with them, not knowing when they will start arguing makes me edging a lot of the time, I don’t know how to help resolve the problem. I know at my age I shouldn’t worry about things like that but I can see the look in my mothers eyes, I guess I am a lot like my father in this case, he probably never spoke up either, that’s why he