To Remember 9/11 or not. Research Argument Final Essay

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English 2010 Section 606
October 24, 2012
Proposal for Research Argument Final
My Proposal to Learn
As an emergency medical technician, I have always held life to be important and sacred. The purpose of all EMs is to save all lives possible when called upon. In my training I was taught in a unit how to handle mass casualty incidents and mass victim situations. At first, we studied the collapse of a newly built bridge in Germany, where to many people decided to start jumping up and down during the dedication of the bridge. The new bridge in turn could not handle the weight as it was packed with people, but then as people started to jump, the bridge had no choice but to twist and fall apart.
The second case study we looked was very recent - the collapse of the World Trade Centers. The situations where not very similar, mostly as medical knowledge and advances have grown enormously now from the 1950’s, but the way of treating and organizing the victims and patients was quite similar. During the discussion of the World Trade Center’s Collapse, my teacher shared her observation that at the time, after nine years later, this incident has still not been fully treated and remedied. People are still living as if our nation was going to be attacked again tomorrow. This was a large turning point for me that challenged me and the average ways of thinking. I liked it, and have always wanted to expand my knowledge and opinions on this problem. I will be doing research about how people have been affected by the World Trade Center’s attack, and what treatment has been shown to help these people. I will also look at what is still being done around our country to memorialize this significant event right now, and in the past. I will also research different expert’s opinions on how our nation has handled and is handling the aftermath of the attack, eleven years later. My actual research question is, “How are different generations still being affected by the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centers, and how has past memorials provided effective and ineffective closure to those affected.”
The two groups that I have decided to form to support my paper are the two different sides I am going to explore with my research paper. First, how are different generations still being affected by the September 11th attack, and second, how has past memorials provided effective and ineffective closure to those affected.
With my first source, I identify who has been affected quite clearly, as well as a brief clip of how they have been affected. With my second source, I identify more about how people have been affected by the attack. With these two I clearly build my first group and points as they give specific quotes from my article as I go.
With the third source in my second section, I start looking at how the different ways America has remembered September 11th and how we have tried to provide closure. Adding upon my third article, I add my fourth article witch outlines the current memorials and how people are and have reacted to them.
In conclusion, everything takes a specific role and builds upon what has been shown and stated. Both sections are related as my research question contains two parts. I hope to be able to build my paper with group one then switch to group too, back to group one and finally to group two. Each will tie in so that a logical pattern will be made.
Listed below is a calendar of the remaining things that need to be done to the date assigned to stay on task and finish the papers and portfolio as assigned.
· 30-Oct-2012 – Gathered remaining 5 sources to support my research question.
· 31-Oct–2012- Analyze and annotate all of my sources.
· 9-Nov –2012- Start working on the first draft of my argument paper.
· 12-Nov–2012- Complete first draft for argument paper.
· 19-Nov-2012- Revise and correct argument paper for teacher draft and turn it in.
· 26-Nov-2012- Resubmit corrected papers to