To What Extent Do Technological And Digital Interfaces Connect With The Human And Emotional Experience Of The World

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To what extent do technological and digital interfaces connect with our human and emotional experience of the world around us?

The sublime; the sublime is the idea of a feeling that is incomprehensible and leaves you tongue tied and inarticulate, be that good or bad. But in a modern age where knowledge and imagery is instantly accessible and constantly in our faces, can we experience the same sensation that is the sublime? art in relation to the sublime art brings to the attention something that you may not have previously considered or had the opportunity to see.
Does the introduction of technology into art reduce the sublime to something that we can begin to comprehend and understand? Or does it open up the door to bringing something uninteresting into the foreground so that the viewer can begin to visualise the.
Technology creates a bridge between the unimaginable and the unthinkable and brings non-existent objects and ideas forward into our world, it makes the unreal, real. A newly developed technology called the oculus rift can allow us to enter a 360o world that is completely simulated but can be of a HD quality. With this kind of technology we are closer to being able to immerge ourselves mentally into an experience we would not otherwise be able to experience, to such an accurate degree. This act, through using technology, supplies the experience and provides a platform for the user have a sublime encounter. Without technology would we otherwise be able to