To What Extent Does Patrick Suskind Develop Grenouille's Character Throughout the Novel Through the Description of Scents? Essay

Words: 1820
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Throughout the novel Perfume by Patrick Suskind, there is an obvious use of literary devices used to describe the scents which Grenouille, the protagonist, smells, the way in which Grenouille smells aromas, as this is different to the ‘average’ persons scent capacity, and the relevance of the aroma, as he emphasizes those smells which have an impact in the book through a more vivid and specific explanation. This will be a comparison of two passages for the novel, one from the beginning of Grenouille’s life, and one from the end, in order to obtain a comparison in the description of scents through the novel. Suskind uses devices such as metaphors, italics, and juxtaposition, to name a few, to highlight the smell or aroma which Grenouille …show more content…
The structure of this extract is very different when compared with that of the first extract. Although this extract is shorter, it consists of more developed and specific language and punctuation, such as the use of a ‘rip-tide’ and ‘the human will itself: straight to him’ to bring an idea across to the reader. The first short sentence adds emphasis to the ‘awe and pure amazement’ of the group to the perfume which Grenouille has created. This portrays the emotions felt by the witnesses to the work which has consumed Grenouille for his entire life, the creation of the perfect scent, and ultimately leads to his consumption by the group which witnesses this scent. This extract shows the more mature explanation of the scent, as rather than simply describing the characteristic’s of the scent, as the first extract did, this extract describes the importance and reaction to the true beauty of the scent by the group of people, showing a development of Grenouille through the writing style used to describe his life. The author uses more developed diction in this extract as he portrays the awe of the group, and the array of emotions they feel as they were ‘drawn to this angel of a man’. The development of Grenouille through the novel is shown in this extract through the