To What Extent Was The Declaration Of Independence A Turning Point In American History

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A Turning Point In American History

America has come a long way since the time of the first settlement in the 16th century. Our founding fathers started this idea of change, with the Declaration of Independence. This marked the first turning point in American history, as the colonies declared their independence from Great Britain and created what is now the United States of America. This time of change had much effect on the nation, mainly to the political landscape. Before the Declaration was signed, the states had governments of their own, either royal, corporate, or proprietary. The colonies were not united, but with the Declaration, the 13 colonies united under one government, and under one flag. One historian stated that the rebellion
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As that declaration created a nation which still prospers today; it marked the birth of a new nation. Before the declaration, this nation had separate governments in the colonies, either royal, corporate, or proprietary, and the continental congress was created not far from the signing of the Declaration. After the signing, the Continental Congress was the only standing government of this nation from before, not the separate governments within the colonies. This government could create laws and regulations to keep this nation alive; for the whole nation. As one historian put it, “our country sprang forth from a revolution in political and social structure, and the Declaration explains the point of that revolution, and hence the point of our constitutional enterprise.” The Declaration of Independence marked a turning point in American history, as this nation went from separate governments between the colonies to one united government after the signing of the Declaration. As this turning point united the colonies under one government, it would be reversed in the next century as this nation will come into conflict with this new