To What Extent Was There Change in Ancient Time with Regards to Medicine? Essay

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To what extent was there change in Ancient time with regards to medicine? I think that there was some change in Ancient time, but not enough to call it a major improvement. At the time, many Ancient Greeks still believed that it was up to the God’s to make us ill or to cure us. They believed that everything was up to the Gods, that they could easily produce Earthquakes and Thunderstorms. The God of healing was called Asclepius – according to Ancient Greeks, it was up to him. If this was the case that means that many didn’t believe in what Hippocrates (the leading Greek doctor) was saying. If people didn’t believe him that meant that there was no change in the way medicine was for them. Another negative point is the fact that even though they had all these ideas and theories – what is the chance that they are correct? Some of them are confirmed to be true but some have not been used; for example, the theory of opposites. If someone had a cold, the doctor would not advice them to eat a hot pepper. They would instead, give the patient some medicine that actually helps. This means that some of the cures that were made didn’t help at all. On the other hand, there was a lot of basic understanding on medicines that there wasn’t before. Hippocrates created the four humours. This was the first of a long line of ideas: he also believed that everything wasn’t up to the Gods. Another thing he found was the idea of clinical observation. If it wasn’t for him, then there would be literally no change. It was probably during the Ancient Romans that medicine improved. Galen, a doctor, took some of Hippocrates ideas and improved them; he also created some of his own. Hippocrates created the four humours and Galen researched further to make it better. This form of…