To Write a Lab Report Essay

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Your reports will be organized and written in the form of a classic scientific science paper consisting of the following sections in this order: The must be recorded and submitted in a permanent, bound laboratory notebook, written in blue or black PEN.
UTitle Page with Abstract
UResults, including Data and Calculations/Graphs Each section should be labeled with the heading placed in the left hand margin (except for the title).
1. Title Page: Be descriptive and don’t worry if the title seems a little lengthy. One word titles, often appropriate for essays, are seldom adequate for lab reports. Place the title at the top middle of the first page. The title page should also include your full name and the full names of those in your lab group, and the date of the lab.
Below Expectations Meets or Exceeds Expectations
“Salt Solution Density Lab” “Determination of the Relationship Between the
Density and Concentration of Sodium Chloride
2. Abstract: There are five essential components to an abstract:
• Background – Define important concepts, theories or laws being examined.
• Statement of purpose – What were you attempting to do in this lab?
• Summary of Procedure – What methods did you use to complete this investigation? This should be a summary, not a detailed procedure like the one you completed earlier.
• Summary of Results – What happened? Summarize observations and results of calculations and graphs.
• Significance of Findings – What important concepts or theories are reinforced by your results? What experimental errors or limitations might have negatively influenced your results?
The abstract is written in narrative form. It is NOT a list. Do not use fragmented or partial sentences. Write complete thoughts, as if you are having a conversation with the reader. Remember that the abstract goes on the title page!
3. Procedure: You should summarize the