Tobacco Smoking and National Cancers Institute Essay

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Cigarette Smoking

What has cigarette smoking done to help you? That’s the thing, nothing it can only cause pain. Smoking cigarettes ant lead to a lot of physical, mental, and emotional mishaps in life. They have bad effects on almost every part of your body. It can also lead to many different types of cancers. There for smoking cigarettes has had a bad effect on people because it can give you different types of disease in your mouth, and cigarettes can give you bad heart problems.

Smoking cigarettes has a bad effect on people because it can lead to cancers. Cancer is one of the many words when it comes to smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes give you different types of cancers. Of the 599 additives used in cigarettes, at least 69 are known to cause cancer. Lung cancer, mouth caner, bladder cancer and many more types of cancers are from smoking cigarettes. According to the national cancers institute, tobacco use specializing the form of cigarettes causes more and different types of cancers.

Much type of mouth infections is common if you have smoked over 50 cigarettes. Gum diseases and teeth routing comes over time. Tobacco causes the gums to pull away from the teeth. Cigarettes can also expose the tooth routs. Teeth can fall out at a faster rate if someone smokes frequently.

Heart problems are not surprising when you have smoked cigarettes. Over mouths heart problems can get savoir. Women who are on breath control and smoke cigarettes’ are more likely