Tobacco Smoking and Older Victorians Essay

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The smoking rates are the lowest since the Cancer Council started collecting the data in 1998, when 21.2 per cent were regular smokers, and the 58.2 per cent of Victorians who had never smoked was the highest. More than 70 per cent of young people aged 18 to 29 had never smoked, a much higher rate than for older Victorians.
The research showed that men (16 per cent) were more likely to be smokers than women (11.2 per cent). Also more likely to be smokers were older Victorians, those with lower levels of education and in lower socioeconomic groups.

1. Which determinant does this article relate too? (1 mark)
Behavioral Determinant

2. How could education decrease the rate of people aged 18-29 becoming regular smokers? (1 mark)
Education may decrease the rate of people ages 18-29 becoming regular smokers as they will attain the knowledge of the negative impacts that smoking has, such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and

3. Why are people in lower socioeconomic groups more likely to smoke? (1 marks)
People in lower socioeconomic groups are more likely to smoke as they have may not have had the education provided to them or the family stability to educate them on the negative impacts smoking can have on you.

4. How could the Cancer Council provide leadership in preventing people from smoking? (2 marks)
The Cancer Council can prove leadership in preventing people from smoking by highlighting and educating individuals and families on what…