Toby: Smoking and Punchy Slogans Essay

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Ani smoking Assessment part B

The advertisement that I have created to prevent smoking in our community uses many strategies. The main strategy used in this photo story is the scare factor, which was accomplished by using a lot confronting pictures and punchy slogans. By showing the audience what cigarettes are made of and the toxic chemicals they release I am making them aware of what is going into their body when they smoke. To make people afraid to smoking and want to quit I have use many disturbing images of the different diseases you can get from smoking. At the end of my ad I challenge the viewer with the reality of smoking. The first being that even once you have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease you will find it hard to stop due to the nicotine in the cigarettes. The second point relates to smokers with families and how if you die due to a smoking related death your whole family will be affected.

To help draw the attention of the viewer I have used black slides in between the pictures with slogans and facts related to the picture. In this ad I tried to use slogans that would reduce consumer demand or desire for cigarettes and stick in the viewer's memory. One of the slogans I used was ‘If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will’ makes the viewer think or reflect on this statement and hopefully act on it.

The audience that I have target in this ad are both non-smokers and smokers. I have done this by incorporating off putting pictures, facts and…