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Hykeem Rose
Professor Broadus
Writing III
September 23, 2013
The World We Living in Today There are many different things I take in to consideration when it comes to the world we are living in today. There are many positive things happening in the world today, but we are going to focus on the negative. Crime is a major issue, along with the economy and global warning. To begin with, crime and its effects, when we look at what crime in our country is causing, we must begin to ask ourselves, “What and why these things are happening?” We have to alter the way we are living because of gun violence in our neighborhoods. For example, in some communities some children are not allowed by parents to go out and play for the fear of them being shot. There are extremely too many guns on the streets that are being used to commit crimes. For instance, take what happened in Washington, D.C. at the naval base last week, twelve people were killed. It’s not the first time a mass shooting has occurred but it’s one of the most recent. Guns don’t commit the crimes people do-for the most part, bad people with intentions to wreak havoc. Next, the economy collapsed and almost brought many people to their knees. Job rates were at an all-time low, every day we saw large and small companies closing their doors, putting many people out of work. For instance, look at the City of Camden and what happened when all the industries left the city. Then we had the mortgage crisis, people losing their homes at an alarming rate to foreclosure and now there’s a threat of a government shut down because of a deficit. Not knowing the effects the economy will have on our future generation is a work in progress. Last thing we will focus on is global warming. Pollution is one of the biggest man made problems in the world. Pollution comes in many shapes and sizes. Fossil fuel is one thing that causes pollution by releasing carbon dioxide in the air. Also mining coal and oil allows Methane to escape which is naturally in the earth. Methane is a colorless, odorless flammable gas produced by decomposition of organic matter from coal used as fuel. Population growth is a problem also, more people means more food and more methods of transportation. Clearly that means more Methane that will…