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Essay 1
I am a third year industrial engineering student at the Universidade Federal de
Pernambuco. In my university any student of any engineering does the basic course together, which encloses calculus, physics, chemistry, and others. The students are not allocated according to the engineering that he plans to study.
In fact most of the students do not know what engineering he/she will apply for.
Therefore, I have not got time enough to complete the specifics courses from any field of study in the industrial engineering.
Although I have just attended to some specific courses, one of the fields which most interest me is the quality management field, which in spite of I have only attended to one specific course, amazed me for the general view of the production system. The course I have attended in this area is called quality management 1, and it gave me a general view of how the quality management acts on the industry and the impact that is caused on the production by an implementation of a good quality system. The professor who taught me this course is a very renowned researcher in this field, and the acquaintanceship with her allowed me to really learn to enjoy this field.
Another field that holds my attention is the production management field. This field is very important because it is the main basis for any student of production engineering, because it covers the areas related to the production itself, like in the fabric floor. This area has attracted me for the fact that it gives you a general view of the production system, and how it works and its concepts are used for all the other areas. Inside the production management field,