TOGO economic facts Essay

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Low income level:
Population: 6.81 million
Total GDP: $4.339 billion (2013)
GDP growth (annual %): 5
GDP per capita: Less than $1000 (Gapminder)
GNI per capita $1,180
Total use of improved water sources (total): 59%
Total use of improved sanitation facilities: 11.4%
Absolute poverty (2012): 62%
Main trading partners:
-Exports: China (12.5%) Burkina Faso, Benin
-Imports: China18.1%) France, Belgium

Social indicators:
Life expectancy: 56
Language: French
Adult literacy rate: 60.4%
Religion: James: The largest religious group in Togo are those with indigenous beliefs, and there are significant Christian and Muslim minorities.
Infant mortality (per 1,000 live births) (2010-2015): 67.3%
Infant mortality (under 5) rank: 19th
Internet users per 100: 4
Tourist arrivals at national borders (000) 2011: 300
Contraceptive prevalence (ages 15-49): 16.8%

Common characters- LEDC
Limited life expectancy - 56
Labour force by occupation agriculture 65%, industry 5%, services 30%
Large but neglected agricultural sector:
World Bank’s Togo Agricultural Sector Support Project - implies neglect - Purpose: to reinforce productive capacities for development of the agricultural sector - implies outdated methods, technology, unskstilled specific workers

Arable land: 44.2%
Permanent crops: 3.7%
Other: 52.1% (2011)
Irrigated land: 73 km2
Total renewable water resources: 14.7 km2
Natural resources: phosphates, limestone, marble, arable land. Exports: $928.7 million (2011 est.): reexports, cotton, phosphates, coffee, cocoa. Imports: $1.455 billion (2011 est.): machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products.
The climate is generally tropical with average temperatures ranging from