Toilets: Toilet and Modern Used-food Receptacle Essay

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Introduction-Toilets are important in modern society because society today is very hygiene conscious, also long-drops aren't very appealing, most people don't like sitting in the dark in a little place away from the house that smells. And all the people who design the different toilets, the toilet companies with thousands of employees and not to mention the trees who give up their wood generously for the soft layers of tissue you meet every day will be out of a job.

The hygiene conscious of today would not want to have anything but the flush toilet invented by Mr Thomas Crapper. You can not clean the long-drop as easily as you can a modern used-food receptacle. And if long-drop sweep the world again, Duck and all the other toilet companies will go out of business and probably go bankrupt.

Long-drops are very deep holes in the ground, usually surrounded by a small house like thing called an out-house it is cold, dark and smells. Modern western people of today would much rather sit in a brightly coloured, light areas that smells than a dark one that smells. The colours most often used in toilets are: peach, yellow and white. Never use any colour that is too over-powering like dark red because people feel trapped and will probably never use your services again. The best colours to use pastels light pink, blue and purple are favourites. Lime green might be used but only as a line around the wall, because if used over all the walls surface area it would be too