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final draft Tok journal 3, prompt 20

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To what extent do you think we are able to control our emotions? Which emotion is the most difficult to control? Why?
It is clear that human beings need to have healthy self­esteems to live a healthy social life interacting with other people as well as a developed retrospective mechanisms to be able to function in a modern day society. The emotions are the body’s reactions to a certain event that affects the emotional state of an individual, or to one’s perception of a certain event. The emotions come into play when one experiences and interprets a situation. One of the most basic and important skills that we develop in our young childhood years is the ability to control and regulate the aspects of our emotions. Without this ability, it would be very difficult to exist in a modern society, no matter how much confidence one has in the decision they made. self­control is a process that enable us to control and monitor our own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and altering them in accordance of the needs directed by the current situation. Yes, self­control is a process that allows us to control our emotions to a certain level. However, there are the times when our body and emotions may get out of control.
Our primary emotions are happiness, sadness, fear, and anger. These emotions are typical in humans, however, how people portray these emotions is significantly different from one individual to another. Sometimes, emotions are not the same as how we would react to the same event. For instance, for some, winning something such as a bronze Olympic medal can mean sadness because they set a target higher. On other hand, for majority of the people, it usually

means happiness because of achieved high result. It all comes down to people’s personal background. Our personal background is essential to our emotions because it shapes our personality. Our personality does not just appear suddenly. Our personality is a result of events and people surrounding us. Usually, sadness is the most difficult to control. Experiencing sadness, sometimes