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Morales, Alejandra

“My autobiography as a thinker”
Do you ever wonder what type of knower you are visual, kinesthetic, or logical? Are you judgmental, extrovert, perceiving, introvert, intra-personal or interpersonal? Well, I tend to be a visual, interpersonal knower, which I think, is beneficial because you really visually see everything in the world and you learn about something specifically by actually seeing it and by communicating with others because in reality you don’t know everything but sometimes you can learn something from someone else in which you haven’t learn yet. However I sometimes prefer if I was a logical knower at times just because I think it would benefit me in such things like a math subject which tends to be my weak subject also I would base my decisions more on logic then feelings. I am the type of person to base my decisions based on what I feel and at times it’s not the best choice for me. I feel like over the years I have changed as a knower and use to base myself more on logic and was especially close-minded about others perspectives but have become much more extrovert and perceiving about things over the past years. I was also a much more kinesthetic type of person, in which I feel like I have changed because over the years with school which I think made me a more visual learner, and meeting more people I have come to grasp more knowledge then just by myself. Nowadays there is so many variety of things that you learn and still have yet to learn about in which you had no clue about it in the first place. I especially remember coming to know that death actually existed and it brought pain when my first dog died. I was younger and it was a very scaring moment. Before this, I never really but much thought to death and didn’t really know it was something so painful and that it actually happened and how it did occur. I was so small so I really didn’t know before this event was brought to my life that is existed. I remember crying and feeling so confused as to what was happening and started to realize that my dog was somehow leaving this world. I remember my mom sitting me down and explaining to me that people come and go from this world and then I began to make sense of what death was and the cycle of life and how there comes a time when we have to go because we are either in old age or sudden illness that are bodies can’t bare anymore or we are taken all of a sudden by senseless mistakes that we do or of other people that could cost us our lives. This was super important to me because I started living in reality and facing the real world. Further along, there are such things known as a truth and the truth, which you usually base on either general belief among people or faith and emotional attachment. I know that I have always taken the knowledge of God existing but at times it makes me doubt too. Why? Well because there has never been really proof of a God existing and even though there are bibles and churches all around the world that have the story and supposedly evidence, I have always had my doubts of