Tok on Procrastination Essay

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IB Skills Final Assessment – Anti-Procrastination
Alex Foxe 22nd June 2012

“You may delay, but time will not” ~Benjamin Franklin


Procrastination is generally defined as the act of replacing high priority actions with those that have less priority. In psychology, procrastination is the temporal gap between intended behavior and enacted behavior. (Mind tools) This psychological behaviour is widely associated with adolescents, especially those in college where homework and projects are prominent parts of life. It is also estimated that up to 95% of college students have the constant urge to procrastinate. Ever since I have started my pre-IB course, I have noticed numerous times when the subconscious idea of
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Later, when I reflected upon the course of events that lead to my eventual tardiness, I discovered that those mere few games of Tetris have wasted crucial minutes in which I could have been working on my assignment.

My goal is to keep my procrastination to a minimum in order to allow myself more time to study. Next year’s IB1 is going to be tough and procrastination is merely disrupting my chances of good grades. Below is a diagram that depicts choices one can take in an IB course. In IB, you only can choose two of good grades, social life and enough sleep. However, I believe that all three can actually be chosen, if I can manage my time well enough.

My knowledge and my urge to stop procrastination once and for all has affected my view of this world dramatically. I now know that time management is the essence, that without it, my IB student life would be quite difficult.

Conclusion: In summation, through the events of handing in my Economics homework late, along with not having enough time to study for my exams, I have comprehended that if the bad habit of procrastination is ridden, I can greatly boost my scores in general. Moreover, I will be able to get ample sleep then, something that I definitely lack. My knowledge about anti-procrastination fits in the category of Ethics, and my ways of knowing are reason and emotion respectively. I will definitely try my best to stop procrastinating as after