Toledo is a miserable city Essay

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Amaury Miranda
Toledo a Miserable City
Miserable cities don’t attract positive hardworking people, they attract negative influences making it hard to thrive in the community. Weather conditions play a large role in whether or not a city is beautiful or miserable. Toledo I have characterized with being thus far miserable.
The worse thing about Toledo is the crime. It has the highest record of crime in all of the cities of Ohio. The most common is property crime. Last year was a record of 3,420. If I were to own a house in Toledo I wouldn’t feel safe. This plays a role in why people are leaving and trying to sell their homes. They don’t feel safe. Also one of the entertainments in this city is the mall. I have been there four times and the last time I went I disliked it. I saw many groups’ of people with around 15 people in it whom looked suspicious. March 9, 2014 was the last incident of that mall which had direct relations of gunshots. Since the mall was opened, the amount of rapes and children disappearances increased. This would be one of the main reasons for me why Toledo is a miserable city. I would say that 95% of our population in the world want to be entertained. There are few things to do here during the summer months and weeks towards the beginning of fall. When the weather is acceptable to be outside The Toledo Museum of Art and The Toledo Zoo are great options for entertainment. Going to explore the strange beauties of art or going to see the wide variety of exhibits at the zoo could be very fun for young children. Although when it comes to the snow it limits almost all of your options. You can’t go to any lake houses due to the fact that the lakes are all frozen. Driving becomes a large obstacle in just your everyday lives. Sliding into snow banks or driving over black ice is a huge hazard. With Toledo receiving record amounts of snow this last year and breaking record low temperatures it sounds like a little much to handle. Most families like to be outside…