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Influence on Tolkien’s fiction
Tolkien’s legendary fictions always bring a question into people’s mind. What actually inspire him to write down those magical stories? There are different author declaring their opinions in several articles.

I find the most convincing argument is Goldberg’s idea that “Tolkien reshapes the Anglo-Saxon Heroic Ideal.” Tolkien’s character, Frodo Baggins, in The Lord of the Rings inherits some of the qualities in Beowulf which represents the typical features of Anglo-Saxon heroes, Beowulf. It is mentioned in the previous reading Carpenter Biography that Tolkien was greatly influenced by his favorite poem Beowulf which he even used frequently when he took a lecture. Beowulf has to play a significant part in helping Tolkien portray the characteristics of those protagonists in his novel. I think he just picked up three main features: courage, generosity, and loyalty. Then he added details or broaden the concepts on the basis of the Beowulf although there are a lot of differences between Beowulf and the roles in his novel.

I believe the least convincing one should be the Arthur and Aragon: Arthurian influence in The Lord of the Rings. Mainly talking about the similarities and making comparison between Arthurian Legends and the Lord of the Rings, the author Finn believes that Tolkien “ more than borrowed them from the legends, but actually retold them within his famous book.”(Arthur and Aragon 23) In my opinion, the idea of the author, Finn, is that the roles, structures, and scenes in Tolkien’s novel are composed almost based on the stories of Arthur. Both stories, for instance, consist wizards, Gandalf and Merlin, with powerful magic to help the king