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Dual Credit US History
April 16, 2015 Where the Domino Fell Vs. If I Die in a Combat Zone Through both of the novels Where The Domino Fell and
If I Die in a Combat
show different and similar views on the Vietnam War. Through the elements of the authors support of the wat, do they paint a positive or negative picture of the war, how are the home fronts from the Vietnam war to WWII, As well as the attitude of the people about the war.
If I Die i a Combat Zone is about a personal document of the Vietnam war,which shows his own feelings and emotions towards the war. The inspiration was through everyday activities of a soldier in the Vietnam war. The book is about a foot soldier who survived 5the war, nevertheless telling his experiences in great detail from him being drafted,trained and sent to the war. O’Brien is a reluctant soldier one whose resistant and morally opposed to the war. H makes a scheme to escape the war for Scandinavia, but the plan falls through due to morals and indecisive thinking, which also makes the writing of the novel so believable. Next he was to be shipped off to Vietnam when he joined the Alpha Company. The territory was considered frightening and forbidding. It was unfamiliar to all the soldiers. The Viet cong were hard to fight, Rarely showing

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themselves from hideouts to dressing as common people. The story is written with a great deal of pain and passion to portray what the way was like, focusing on one man's experiences. Told about how they did things, looked at rice paddies at night, stayed in foxholes and the things they did through the war.
Where The Domino Fell is more of a text book like novel. Telling the facts on the war and gave that type of outlook. It provides a comprehensive account with the wars in
Vietnam since 1945 and sme significant glimpses of VIetnam's modern history,beginning during the end on the second global war, continuing through to the
Vietnam war itself. While also the book covers an unbiased perspective towards the
Vietnam war. The novel explains the developments before the war, during the war, and after the war. States how Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are under French control in the early twentieth century. Unfortunately during the second war the Japanese took over
Vietnam until they surrendered in 1945. During the same year Vietnam obtained control north Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh, which formed a Democratic Republic of Vietnam. In spite the assistance of american military for the french forces, France eventually beaten by Viet Minh in 1954. In 1954 Vietnam split into two separate zones. Troubles happened between North and South Vietnam. Causing in 1068 over half a million American troops occupied South Vietnam. In 1973 the Treaty of Paris called for the withdrawal of all US and allied troops from South Vietnam. On April 30,1975 Saigon fell on the forces with
Vietnam was unified last, independent, and communist. The war killed an estimate of

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about eight million people, while also millions injured. The estimate cost of the war was around one hundred forty billion dollars.
In both novels
If I Die in a Combat Zone and
Where The Domino Fell there are differences. These differences are show thought the elements of the authors support, and the attitude towards the Vietnam war, In
If I DIe in a Combat Zone,
The authors support towards the war is against it. The author does not support the war due to it going against his morals. He goes through with the war even though its against his moral while he also is a survivor.
” It was a intellectual and physical stand­off,and I did not have the energy to see it to the end. I did not want to be a soldier, not even observer of the war. But neither did i want to upset peculiar balance between th order I knew, the people I knew, and th my own private