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Tom Brennan Essay by Matthew Sitima
The story of Tom Brennan is about strong women and weak men how they cope with everything better than men as I will explain to you, you will develop an understanding about the story of the Brenan’s their characters and how truly strong some women are.
The Story of Tom Brennan is about Tom Brennan and his family how they were able to cope with what had happened. It starts with a devastating car accident Tom’s Brother Daniel had been recently drinking quite a lot alcohol flunking year 12 and didn’t seem to give a stuff. This ultimately led to them fleeing the Bili as they were no longer wanted. One night Daniel Brennan killed two of his friends and leaving his cousin Fin a paraplegic in a horrible car accident. But this book isn’t about the accident, it’s not even about the driver, it’s about Tom Brenan after that accident it changed everything the direction of his life, the way people looked at his family. People said they should lock him up and throw away the key. Starting again in a new town and at a new school, how can tom even begin to rebuild his life his clearly not in the mood, he doesn’t want to be a his Grandmothers, he consistently complains about the food and the way the Grandmother handles everything, his then forced to play at St Bennies when he doesn’t want to. As the book continues Kylie and Tom’s new school is called St Benedick’s. Both Kylie and Tom make new friends in their new school and Toms starts playing footy again with his new school showing how he is slowly getting back to his normal life and moving on from the past. Tom was forced ultimately by his family to get involved in local events as he didn’t want to associate with people and other footy teams anymore. He didn’t want to play footy anymore.

The women in this book seem to be much stronger than men, Kylie has now gotten really tough after accident it seemed to make her a really tough person even if she knows Daniel stuffed up their life’s she was willing to let it all out so she can start afresh even though she had no right to spill the beans behind everyone’s back she told a speech about domestic violence when she opened up about what had happened to them. She seemed to have copped with what had happened better than Tom could have. Tom was really weak and gradually got stronger throughout the book but he wasn’t even prepared to move on all he wanted was to stay in the dark room at his Grandmother’s house. They had to force him to join the footy team which he ended up enjoying anyway which also gave him new friends. It was so difficult for him to see Fin his own cousin the guilt he felt was a lot but he had just overdone it, Kylie didn’t mind seeing Fin she knew it would hurt and why wouldn’t it? But she buckled down went shopping for him stayed with him discussed what had happened in the past so they could both have closure something Tom couldn’t do. In the book Tom use to always go back to the time him and Daniel were a team and how he sees Daniel not as a prisoner but as his brother it was just so difficult for him. What led Tom to finally having closure was Chrissy Tulake she is there to comfort him after he is heckled at the football match when St Bennies played St Johns and she seems to be very understanding and it is through her persistence that the relationship with Tom goes from friendship to a meaningful relationship.
Daniel Brennan is another, he appeared to be so tough and strong on the outside which ultimately led to the horrific accident but after that day we truly saw how soft he could be and even now at now. Everyone hated how sometimes he would change and act so tough even his own brother was at the point where he didn’t want to see him again.