Tom Dixon, Foster and Partners Essay

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It is easy to criticize modern artworks and designers for their work, but more often than not they are designing some of the most inspiring work all the time. Often artists have an uneasy relationship with their critics, but I am not here to criticise, more analyse and take influence from, as a young designer. First I would like to analyse one of the most inspiration designers to me and that is tom Dixon. He specialised in interior insulations and architecture. A building that is littered with tom Dixon designs is the Dock kitchen in London. It is quite a rough design throughout but is meant to be like that as it is intended to lead the customer through the different parts of the building. There are receptions, deli, kitchen, canteen, private dining room and salons. Each of which has its own identity led by its function for instance the reception is clean tidy and has clear signage. Moving onto the kitchen, it has a warmer appearance to replicate the atmosphere in the kitchen. It also has a rougher appearance. It also has a feel of a theatre production with a sort of stage set and theatrical lighting. Another of his works that I was most interested in was the design research studio for Sony PlayStation 3 release. Here it is all about the lighting. And props used to give a glamorous yet playful interior. He uses quite moody lighting in places like stairwells and the design of the lampshades which look like something out of a futuristic aircraft which is perfect for a gaming expedition. He uses quite complementary colours in these areas with reds blacks and gold’s. This gives a very sleek feel to the whole place. This in contrast to a chaotic wallpaper design in another room, but it works to give a very playful feel to the room the consoles are in. he is also creative in the use of his props, for instance filling a few separate walls with completely random pictures but he knows how to arrange them to lead the eye to the main subject. Finally on reflection of tom Dixon, his designs are something I would like to heavily focus on in the future for some inspiration as I believe they are meant to be inspirational work in themselves. As a bit of a contrast to tom Dixon and stepping outside to look at the exteriors and structures of the buildings, I have chosen to look at a very inspirational architecture firm to me and that is Foster and Partners.

With a portfolio of work spanning from the American air museum to the motor city in Argon and the San Marino world trade centre. I’m sure you will agree these are some of the most spectacular buildings you will ever see. Starting with the world trade centre which was designed in 1999 and was to hopefully be a catalyst for regeneration in the area. When the building is light in the evening and at night it is truly spectacular to look at. As for Motor city in Alcaniz, Argon in Spain, it is a building of utter beauty, designed as a culture and leisure centre with a motor complex. I believe it was based and used inspiration from a sleek race car and it has really worked. The shape it has made is magical and with a lightweight roof that emits oceans of light into the whole building, makes the inside as magical as the outside to look at. The smooth forms of this building that are taken from natural solar and wind patterns give this building a different definition from any other I have ever seen. Finally the American air museum which is an older designed building back in the late 1980’s but it’s truly natural form gives it a unique look as it takes the form of a conventional aircraft hangar but it emerges out of the ground and looks amazing. The curvature of this building is not just for aesthetics, it has a reason and that is so that the building can put up with the weight of aircraft being hung from the roof. It is also big enough to fit in a complete passenger airliner. In conclusion of this section both of these designers are great influences to my work and will continue to be for