Tom Walker: A Short Story

Words: 622
Pages: 3

As Tom Walker rode off on the mysterious horse that was summoned by The Devil, he wonders to himself if he’ll see his wife in Hell knowing she didn't go to Heaven. “Curse that bloody woman, and curse The Devil!”, he utters to himself as he tries to keep stable on the house. As the ride goes on Walker sees the sky get darker and the temperature fluctuate, one moment it's raining the next it's winds gusting enough to blow him off the horse, which he found strange that it never happened. His surroundings were no longer his house and became a vast open field with dead grass as far as they eye can see, that's when the horse suddenly stopped. As Tom looks around the field he sees nothing in sight and doesn't have the slightest clue as of where the horse took him. The Devil appeared right next to him, smirking and staring at the vast …show more content…
Staring at Tom Walker he raised his hand in a upward motion and instantly three wolves appeared beside his feet. Then he throws a small dagger and Walker and his smile becomes envious and meticulous.

“We're gonna play a game Mr.Walker” said the Devil, “Survive my Hell Hounds and you live. Don't and well.. you get the picture” At a snap of the fingers the horse lived up on its back legs, knocking Walker of the horse and onto the ground.

“This is imposterious”, stressed Tom Walker, “What type of sick game is this? I bet you enjoy seeing people die”

“I guess you can say that, but you're the first fine i’ve given this chance to”
Frustrated, Walker began to ball is fist and felt himself great red i netted face

“Why me?! Why must you put me through this torture?!”, cried Walker as he dropped to his knees.

“Isn't the way you lived life, survival of this fittest. You spent your life always cheating and lying to your wife band other by false riches, I'm simply playing a game at your rules Mr.Walker” bluntly said The