Equality And Inclusion In Health, Social Care Or Children And Young People Settings

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Tomika Lee
Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or Children and Young People Settings.
1.1 Diversity means difference, people have things in common with each other, they are unique and are also different. Diversity is recognising and knowing those differences such as every classroom is diverse and every teacher must be prepared to work with great verities off students.

Equality means treating people on a way that is appropriate for their needs. You will need to do the same thing that will suit every bodies needs without singling them out and treating them all equal and making sure you give them the same opportunities.

Inclusion is about equal opportunities for all people no matter what their differences are. There will be a lot off differences such as: age, race, gender, disabilities, sexuality and background.

Discrimination is where people are picked out for being different such as having their sexuality calling somebody gay for liking the same sex.

1.2 Deliberate discrimination may happen when people are being treated differently because of their religion, race or having a disability. Discrimination that may inadvertently occur when a policy that may apply to everyone equally restricts a certain society of peoples for example paper work that is only in one language or does not have the option to be in braille and/or audio for the visually impaired or learning difficulties.

1.3 By treating everyone with respect equal and dignity this should help discrimination be reduced.
2.1 Human Rights Act 1998
Equality Act 2010
2.2 Regardless of what you beliefs, preferences, culture and values are certain people may require your support them in their beliefs etc. it is everybody’s right to practice what they believe in.