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Tommy Nakamura
English 156
Paul Stegner
Hard Work Pays Off

Maya Angelou once said, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” It is common knowledge that everyone has life changing experiences; whether it be a bad experience, going on vacation, or having a child. I have had a few life changing events. Notably, during the last semester of my senior year, like many, I began to develop a serious case of "senioritis". In less than two months I had to bring four failing grades up, in order to graduate. Although this may seem like a trivial event so some, it taught me the most valuable lesson I have learned to date: hard work pays off.
I was not the best student in high school; I failed at least one class each semester all the way up to the end of junior year, and, of course, had to make up all the failed classes in summer school. During the school year, I was never the type to take school seriously. I spent most classes joking around with friends or just staring off into space. Not to mention, I was also very lazy. My priorities were not getting good grades or doing homework, but rather hanging out with friends and playing sports. I realized a little too late that had I focused during the school year I would not be stuck in a class during the summer.
My history of failing to do well in school did not just begin in high school. Throughout elementary, I got myself into situations where I was close to if not completely failing a class. On more than one occasion, I gave up when I could have kept trying.
I came into senior year behind five credits knowing that I could not fail any classes the entire year in order to graduate. The entire year I wished I had gotten ahead in credits earlier so that I did not have to worry so much. With the goal to pass every class with a “C” or better, I worked the hardest I had ever worked in school. My main priorities were getting the homework done right when I got home and studying for any test that was coming up. I was staying after school to do my homework and projects in the library so I would not get behind. I learned to set small goals such as doing every homework assignment before having fun and passing tests with C’s or better. The dedication paid off, that semester I passed every class and it was because I set my mind to it and I worked hard.
After a brief winter break, I lost motivation to go back to school or do well in school. I had worked so hard the first semester that by the time the break ended I had worn myself out. I found myself going back to my old ways; not doing homework, not studying for tests, and not caring.
After realizing just how easy it is to ditch class, I started sneaking out on a regular basis. My playing hooky got so bad that I would only go to my sixth period once or twice a week. I was so focused on hanging out with friends and having fun that I didn’t realize my grades were slipping. Before I knew it, I was failing most of my classes.
After working so hard in the first semester, I found myself failing four out of six of my classes. The thought of going to school for 12 years and wasting it by not graduating haunted me. I knew that I had to work extra hard so that I did not let my family down by not