Tommy Gallagher Character Analysis

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Character Essay
4th down. Your team’s on defense. 6 seconds left on the clock. This is the final drive of the championship game, all or nothing. But the main star of the defense isn’t on the field, he’s in the stands. Out with a injury. So, what is there to do? Tommy Gallagher was in that exact situation, not as a bystander, but as the player. And even though he couldn’t play in the game of his life, he showed me something important in life. Let me show you what that was. Tommy Gallagher is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, he has thick, chocolate-brown hair that that falls just above his left eyebrow. His eyes are an amazing shade of brown, like mahogany wood, that gives his teammates, friends, and family a comforting, steady toughness that lets them know he’s going to be there when they need him most. Like now in his life when he dad, who is a firefighter died saving two girls trapped in a burning building. Tommy has a lean, muscular build, which makes him good at the monster safety position that he plays in football. Tommy is a very caring person he doesn’t like seeing
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One of Tommy’s friends convinced him to latch on to the back of a university bus with his skateboard, but when the bus took a sharp turn Tommy was launched into a lightpole. Tommy was then rushed to the hospital where the doctor told him and his mother he had a dislocated shoulder, which debilitated him, and meant he wouldn’t be able to play in the championship football game. This broke Tommy’s heart but he still found a way to “play” in the game. During the game he sat up in the highest, furthest corner in the stands and studied the offense. And in the final seconds of the game he noticed something that no-one caught. He told the coach to use his last timeout and told the defense what he noticed. The coach cooked up a play. And it worked! The team won the championship game, all thanks to Tommy because he never gave