Tomorrow: United States and Hazelton Research Products Essay

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In the article “How a Virginia suburb become an Ebola epicenter” , Kelley B Vlahos (Sept 19, 2014) writes a historic incident why the Virginia was threatened by the Ebola virus and how the science solved the crisis. About 25 years ago, a private company called Hazelton Research Products shipped primates from Philippines to Unite States for medical research. These monkeys died one by one in the “monkey house” and scientists found that Ebola is the main reason for these deaths. Because of the extremely contagious and lethality, scientists and pathologists risked their lives to euthanize all the monkeys and sterilized the entire building. After that, the building was replaced by another department named child care building. Although this place seems normal and peaceful now, it was once the epicenter of the Ebola virus. Therefore, the Ebola virus actually once had been in the United States and putted the country in a highly dangerous situation.

According to the previous historical event, if a contagious and lethality disease once broke out, it would be a disaster for the whole world. So, I really admire those scientists who had been adventuring their lives to control the Ebola virus and solve the crisis. In my opinion, they are the unsung hero who protect the individual in a unique way. To be specifically, in order to study the Ebola virus, scientists need to tests of the virus? (不懂); so it gives chance for the Ebloa virus to infect the scientists because of its virulent.…