Tomorrow When The War Began Analysis

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In the novel ‘Tomorrow when the war began’, there are various themes represented throughout the novel, highlighting my decision to create a book cover that incorporates the aspects of relationships, teamwork, friendship, leadership and maturing.
My decision to chose these themes is that they are essential in the novel, as they imitate the voyage undertaken by the characters when faced adversities and hardships. The techniques which have enabled me to represent these themes are colour saturation, font and images.

Dark colours and particular positioning of the images have been used to embody the main features of the cover, and thus drawn ones attention to certain aspects of the visual, the focal point/s. Minimal use of different colours highlights key features and draws attention to salient aspects. I have done this to enable viewers to recognize the book at first sight of the cover. There are three main colours used: red, black and green. The choice of the colour green is symbolic, as it is associated with the success and achievement in the story. This colour is depicted in various aspects of the cover, that being the font and the border. The use of the colour black signifies survival, defeat, strength and authority. Survival is the most explored and dominant theme throughout the text, as the text journeys with the characters who embark on a mission to survive. An example of this is portrayed in the novel, when the group realised that have been invaded, and so they cautiously obtain all necessary things to survive. The black background is a salient feature of the book cover, as it is the most saturated and aggressive colour, and contrasts well with bright colours. The colour red has been incorporated a sign of fire and blood, and is linked to strength, passion, energy, war and danger. The use of red in the text is bold and dynamic. It brings the other text and images to the foreground and it represents various aspects of the novel in relation to the ‘blood’, for example, Lee getting shot in the leg by a solider.

The inclusion of the image of a successful leader, ‘Che Guevara’, symbolises the leadership present in the novel. Homer’s persona clearly depicts this aspect. Homer initially was not identified as mature, however he gradually embraces this as the novel journeys. For example, at school he always