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The Business of Saving International Feet

TOMS Shoes

Bergan Crane
John Dabbs
Reynaldo Nunez

Group 3

February 24, 2011
MGT 3371
It is often assumed, after the past decade of scandalous CEOs and selfish executives, that the perspective of today’s “businessman” is one who strives to cultivate a small empire of affluence and happiness, private jets and vacation homes. The world is shown each and every day how the malicious business practices of one person can easily translate to the disintegration of the whole corporation. However, in rare instances, a businessman like Blake Mycoskie, the creator of TOMS Shoes, arrives on the scene and what he shows the world is that big business,
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The year 2010 has seen many victories for the company as well: TOMS were the number one selling shoe for Nordstrom’s in 2010 and it is also the year which saw the one millionth pair sold.

CORE VALUES Shoes for Tomorrow
The company’s brand name, TOMS, means “Shoes for Tomorrow” which is meant to give hope that tomorrow brings a better day for everyone. TOMS prides itself not only on its charity work, but also on its “vehicle” for that charity work: the simple and comfortable shoe design which imitates the Argentinean espadrille. The most significant piece of the brand is the slogan “One for One” which is a dedicated promise to donate one pair of TOMS shoes to a child in need for every one pair TOMS shoes purchased. The shoe donations, which are affectionately referred to as “shoe drops” at the TOMS company, happen about every two weeks throughout the year. Mycoskie, along with company employees and volunteers, travel to a predetermined location where a high number of children in need of footwear await for the delivery of TOMS shoes. Although the original beneficiaries of TOMS shoes were impoverished children in Argentina, TOMS has since been made aware of and become educated on the needs of children in many other countries by people who have noticed and support the TOMS brand. In the company’s first year, over 10,000 shoes were delivered through TOMS shoe drops. According to TOMS 2010 Giving Report,