Task Cohesion

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Task Cohesion
Is When set goals are made and the team/group works towards that goal. Real Madrid is a very good example of task cohesion, their goal was to win "La Decima" the 10th Champions League and everyone gave everything and they ended up win the champions league.

Social Cohesion is when you play/do it for fun, enjoyment of the group. Social Cohesion is mostly found in non-professional leagues or in hobbies whre people don't take as serious as a champions league competition. Sunday league teams are more social cohesion teams because they do it because they like but isn't what they leave for and don't have any type of income. Social cohesion also relates to friends so is normally people that you are always with or people that you are used to play together.
In opinion task cohesion and social are very important to have in a professional team because task cohesion will help you concentrate and set the team prorities and social cohesion will make it more enjoyable and will create better relationship in the team which will make it easier to achieve the goals that were set. Barcelona is a very good example where both task and social cohesion made a good connection and made the team sucessfull, they all knew aeach other and that made everyone work together and made the team win the most important trophies and became the number 1 football team in the wole world.

Leadership Theories

Trait Theory - also known as the "Great Man Theory" states that leaders are already born with the required skills to be a good leader. In my opinion Steven Gerrad can apply to this theory because since very litle we was avery good leader however I don't necesary agree with this theory but it can be applied to some individuals.
Behavioral - goes against the trait theory so therefor it states that good leaders are not born. I agree with this theory because most of the good leaders today weren't good when they started but by learning and going through experiences made them good leaders. this theory seems to be the corrct theory in my opinion. the reason why i say that is because the best or the greatest leaders are old so therefor they have more eyers of experienc and experience comes from getting used to something or by going through some experience over and over again.
Interactional - states that the envionment that the person is at will have an impact on how well the leader will handle certain situations. e.g. a leader can perform and handle situations and the team very well in away games because the away fans aren't