Toni Morrison and Blue Eyes Essay

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In Toni Morrison's “The Bluest Eye,” Beauty and significance is based on the shade and color of one's skin. The lighter one's skin, the more superior a person, while the darker skin, the more you are regarded as ugly. Claudia Breedlove, and Pecola Breedlove believe that the lighter the skin is, the more superior and beautiful a person is, rather than believing in herself, she always wished for blue eyes to be perfect. Claudia is constantly faced with white ideals of beauty. For example, for christmas one year, Claudia receives a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, pink-skinned. Rather than playing with the doll or adoring it, Claudia dismembers and destroys the doll as a sign of anger and jealousy towards the dolls beauty. Another example of the theme beauty is when pecola breedlove wishes that she had blue eyes. Pecola believes that if her eyes were blue, then her problems would go away, and her life would be perfect. Them maybe if she had blue eyes, her classmates and teachers would not despise her and think she was so ugly. She also hated herself that she stared at herself in the mirror, wondering and trying to figure out where did her ugliness come from. For one year pecola prayed that her eyes would turn blue. Pecola has many problems in her life, starting with family issues, and she believed that if she had blue eyes, all her problems might go away. And even more than that, if she had blue eyes, people would see her as beautiful, and then she would be able to see