Too Much Homework Is Bad Essay

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We've all complained about how homework is pointless and an annoying activity we'd rather not do, but how much is that actually true? While homework is a necessary evil that helps us understand what we're learning, we often receive way too much. According to NEA, or the National Education Association, a child should receive "10 minutes per grade number". Studies have found that many students receive much more than that. So what are the negative effects of spending too much time with a computer and school work? Here are the three main reasons why too much homework is bad for your health.
First homework creates a multitude of stress, stress students shouldn't experience so early on. Many teacher weigh the importance of homework heavily, and argue that if they don't do good, they won't get into a good college and so forth. By putting so much pressure on a small task, they tend to over think it and stress an unhealthy amount. Then students lose time from other parts of their day, which creates stress too. This stress causes mental breakdowns as well as chest pain, social withdraw, upset stomach, depression, over and under eating, and much more.
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Our social life is important to our health, and our friends are a big part of how we feel about ourselves and help us deal with some of our emotions. When you spend most of your time behind a computer, you either don't have time or don't feel up to socializing with you friends. That creates another opportunity for social media to be or social life. Why do we prefer social media? Because we can do it in the comfort of our home, and there is not pressure to look good after a long day. It is a more relaxed way to stay connected, but our actual social skills severely degrade and when we actually want to go out, we don't know what to do. If we can't have real friends because we don't know how, our social health decreases, making our overall health