Too Much Punch For Judy Analysis

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Write about at least 4 Explorative Strategies that you and your group used in the workshop session based on “Too Much Punch for Judy”. Refer to at least 2 lessons, analysing how the strategies shaped your response to the script, characters and action. Evaluate how you and your peers developed your ideas, supported by the drama medium and Elements.
Too Much Punch for Judy

A night out on the town
A night out on the town means going out having fun but not necessarily getting drunk or taking drugs, that’s what a night out on the town means to me.

In this lesson we used the theme of partying and alcohol as a stimulus to create a piece of drama. We then had to produce a still image showing ‘A night out on the town’ our image showed me (policeman) arresting Jordan while Menkara was sitting on a bench because he was drunk and Rebecca and Vicki were dancing in a club. After this we had to create a piece of drama using that still image. Our piece showed Jordan selling drugs to somebody, because I was a policeman and I saw him giving something in return for money I stopped and searched him and found more drugs so I arrested him. We used thought tracking to see what Jordan was thinking, his thoughts where on the lines of ‘they never catch me how did this guy’ then me and Jordan freeze framed as Menkara, Vicki and Rebecca started acting, They showed that Menkara tried to chat up Vicki and Rebecca but failed so started drinking excessively. We had to focus on facial expressions and body language to clearly show the audience who our character was.
After all the groups performed we had a class discussion about what partying and alcohol is also what effects they can both have on your body also how alcohol can affect your behaviour when you are out on the town.

Then as a class we read the introduction to “too much punch for Judy” the opening scene shows Jo, Judy, bob and Nob going for a night out on the town, bob and Nob are in a bar when Jo and Judy walk in and Bob and Nob try and chat them up, a while later Jo and Judy are preparing to go home but can’t decide who is driving (of course they are both drunk) then and their giving their reasons on who should drive, then they reach a decision on who should drive and Judy gets the keys from her younger sister. They get in the car and drive past two policemen Pc Carter and PC Abraham. They then crash a short while after causing in Jo’s death. We then had to act out the scene where Jo, Judy, Bob and Nob meet, we had to use drama medium. We had to change our voices to and Essex accent because this is where the play is set, also me, who was acting as Bob and Jordan, who was acting as Nob had to act over confident because we had been drinking alcohol which can make some people much more confident with themselves. Nicole, who was playing Jo and Ellie who was acting as Judy had to slur their words because they were drunk and didn’t know what was happening around them. Also the gesture that Ellie and Nicole was random, in the sense that they didn’t know what they were doing.

The Aftermath
To me ‘The Aftermath’ means something terrible has happened and the consequences are yet to come.
Duncan is a character in the play that ran over to Jo and Judy’s car crash and tries to rescue them from the car, he is obviously shocked in the crash and feels he has to do something to help the girls.
We had to create a still image of the moments before the car crash, are image was Duncan, played by me walking along the road, and Lucy, playing Jo and Kiera playing Judy are in their car messing around. We then had to study Duncan’s monologue