Tool Control Essay

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It is a matter of fact tool control affects safety. Leaving a tool in an aircraft or engine is not just an inconvenience, it is a safety risk.Tool Control provides numerous benefits the most important of which is safety. The primary objective of the tool control program is to improve flight safety by eliminating aircraft accidents, incidents, and associated equipment damage caused by lost or misplaced tools. Secondary objectives include the reduction of expenditures for additional out fitting and replacement of missing, defective, or pilfered tools; the reduction of man hours for maintenance task completion; and a general improvement in the quality of aviation maintenance.

ATAF is all tools accounted for. During a job an
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Tools should be inspected before and after each use to ensure they are in proper working order and no parts are missing. If this is not done, it can be easy for a piece of a tool to be left behind in a work area. This policy helps ensure that no pieces from a broken tool are left in an aircraft or engine after maintenance is performed. Last night I failed to have a proper and overlooked not having my swipes in my tool box. I had left them on a troop seat when they should have been locked away in my box. It doesnt matter how miniscule the job may be from removing doing a little safety wire to replacing a majore component your ataf is still important on any job you do.

A couple nights after I stole tools without asking to complete a job. I panicked into getting this job done to do something right for once and it blew up in my face with more of myself doing something wrong.

Anyone who flies on our aircrafts relies on us to always have all our tools accounted for at all times. Failure to do so puts everyones lives in danger. As a maintainer your most important job is having all your tools accounted for at all times.
Its a matter of fact that tool control affects safety. ATAF your fucking tools.

In conclusion of the conclusion? Dont lose your tools its the most important job you have its easy as because you ataf your tools at least 5 times during a job and