Essay about Tool Wire Week 5

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Toolwire week 5

Some of the the things I will do to improve my health and wellness are that I can improve my exercise and diet, these will help with my physical fitness and help manage my weight. Another thing that I can do is to keep myself aware of the threats of infectious diseases and chronic diseases. If I can do this it will improve my chances of not catching anything that will hurt me. Activities that I can adopt for the environmental aspect of wellness is to take more walks in the woods and while I am there to pick up any trash that I see this will help the environment strive. I can walk a little farther each day to improve the physical aspect of my wellness. I could also interact with people more to improve my social wellness. I can challenge my self every day with different thing to help improve my problem solving skills to work on my intellectual wellness. And also by doing all of the things that I have described above it will be improving my emotional health. I will be improving it because when I do these different things it will put me in a better mood and I will not lash out at people I will just be happier.

There is little question about it: social media is here to stay, and, despite barriers and concerns, patients, students including those in professional health programs as well as adolescents, and individual citizens use social media to learn about health. Hence, it is not a question of whether or not we should use social media—formally and informally—for educational purposes. Instead, the heart of the issue is learning how to use these tools well so that we are effective managers of health information and skilled decision makers. As we also know, health is a constantly changing field and innovation in health education is inevitable. Since technology and social media are central to how we live our lives and also play a significant role in the management of personal health, not learning how manage and use social media to be better health consumers and health professionals is short sighted. In light of the above realities, researchers are encouraged to work with health care professionals and educators in order to discover and assess educational strategies that use social media. Research is also required to better understand how social media can enable changes in traditional disease