Changing With Technology In The Touch-Screen Generation By Hanna Rosin

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Professor Smith
5 February 2014
Changing with Technology
In “The Touch-Screen Generation”, author Hanna Rosin first presents the idea that the pacification of a child can be often misconstrued and concealed behind the pretenses of educational applications, such as on the iPad. With technology advancing at exponential rates and new devices, programs, and software come out every month or so, it is vital for children to stay ahead of the learning curve required for technology. I believe that the wave of new program and applications presented for children can be of great value for today’s generation. Moreover they can have a great educational value, and help to correct the problem of previous generations had by helping children become acclimated to technology at an earlier age.
Never before in history has an abundance of literature, papers, and resources been available at our fingertips with just the click of a button. I know when I was a child if a book was required for school work or for personal use, a trip to the library was necessary. Today, just about any book that can be thought of can be accessed on the Internet through our tablets. For children iPad do not just have to be about video games and keeping a child distracted. They have the ability to access grammar programs and spelling programs. Rosin quoted: “Is running around on the lawn educational?” Using the iPad and tablet at an early age, can also help a child to develop the necessary computer literacy skills that are a requirement in today’s society.