Tootsie Peel Wrapper Descriptive Writing

Words: 313
Pages: 2

The tootsie pop in my hand slowly is pushed around; I notice how weird the maroonish wrapper feels. The wrapper is messily wrapped around the candy that sits on the small white stick. As I slowly tug away the wrinkly wrapper, it crinkles, causing the whole class to briefly look over at me because the only other noise is the rhythmic tapping of their keyboards. A little faster, I try to peel the wrapper off the white stick, but the friction of the wrapper and the stick made the crinkling even louder. Once I had the wrapper off, I paused for a moment before putting the sucker into my mouth, I asked myself, “What would a tootsie pop smell like?” I slowly brought it closer to my face before silently sniffing it, sadly the tootsie pop lowered from