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5 car brands which make me go Vrooom!
The type of car you drive shows what you believe in and identify with and at the same time making a statement to your family, friends and co-workers even though it might not be intentional. The brands that I always think of first when buying a car are listed below and I have also stated why I identify with them more than any other brands.

# 1 Toyota
This brand has been consistently ranked number one in quality and dependability for the past four years and on can never fail buying a Toyota. It has the best resale value and also introduced one of the first successful hybrid cars the Prius. It has hybrids for nearly all its famous models which will help keep the environment and the world clean for our future generations. Another point that Toyota cars stand out and the company always points out is reliability, you can be pretty sure that with just basic oil changes your Toyota will keep on running flawlessly beyond the warranty period.

# 2 Honda
I have owned two Hondas till date and it is a close second in the features offered by Toyota, the one that particularly stands out for Honda is the stylized interiors and exteriors year over year as compared to the other manufactures who make very slight changes which give it syle and street cred. Honda was also one of the first Japanese manufacturers to open a plant on American soil and hence has been instrumental in adding to the American economy. Honda has always been a innovator and introduced the first cars powered by hydrogen cells whereas the rest of the industry has been concentrating on fuel cells.

# 3 BMW
This brand offers the ultimate performance machines and has ranked number one consistently in this arena. German engineering is world famous and this brand is a perfect example of how robust acceleration and handling need to be. These cars are built solid and are very stable at high speeds. Even though they are more expensive than Toyota and Honda you get the best value for your money if you are looking at getting a powerful and stylish foreign car. Power and performance are their forte which they have been successful in marketing their brand with.

# 4 Mercedes
Whenever I think about class, style and elegance the Mercedes brand is the first that comes to my mind. The carefully designed sleek contours…