Top Road Test Tips Essay

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Top Road Test Tips

Many people fail their road test one, two, three, or even more times than that. I, personally, passed it on my second try by using very easy to remember tips from my Driver’s Education teacher, as well as tips from other sources and common sense as well. In here I will give you some ideas on how to pass the road test, so you can be worry free and get your license as soon as possible! These tips to pass your road test are - somewhat common sense to experienced drivers but to newer drivers, taking their road test for the first time, this may not be common sense after all.
Practice makes perfect, right? Even in the sense of a road test this statement holds true. From what I’ve seen, they don't usually make you go on very busy roads for your road test, so make sure to practice on side roads which are usually less busy. This is also safer since you're less prone to an accident overall due to less influx of traffic I the same area. However, you have to be careful on side roads as well since there are more children around who may walk into the street without thinking about what might happen.
Stay Calm
One big thing that the person judging whether you should get your license is to see is if you're calm behind the wheel. Don't be a white-knuckled nervous wreck! You should be observant, but not over-observant either, that may signal nervousness behind the wheel which may make you fail your road test. Before the judge steps into the car take a deep breath and remember everything that you have learned and practiced.
Sometimes when people get nervous they also speed, this is bad, you do not want to be a road runner here. Stay at a nice, even speed throughout the entire road test session.
The Start
The prior information was stuff that happens before the actual driving. Staying calm is essential throughout the whole drive, do not forget that.
In the beginning make sure your car is off before starting. If the car is on, this may sometime make the test failed automatically, or so I’ve heard. When the judge says it's ok, turn the car on.
At the start you must pull away from the curb. Use your blinker when pulling away from the curb. Check your mirrors for other traffic that might be coming from your direction. If there is traffic coming, do not go and wait for that other car to pass. Do not go over the middle lines when pulling away from the curb, this shows you are in fact in control of the vehicle in which you are operating.
The Middle
The actual drive is the longest part. My drive was about 5-10 minutes. Check all signs including speed limit signs, stop signs, and so on. If there's a school zone around, make sure to go at that speed, or a little bit slower. Stop fully at all stop signs to ensure that you do not get penalized. No rolling through stop signs, and stop at the stop line if applicable. When at a stop sign it is ok to "creep" up after stopping fully at the stop line to see around a corner if there's something in the way of your vision (examples: a car, a tree, a sign, etc.). These are essential tips for passing your road test since they span throughout the whole road test itself.
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