Essay on Top Three Trends in your profession and associated industry Annotated Bibliography

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Briana Berry
Week 4
February 16,2015

Top Three Trends in your profession and associated industry-Annotated Bibliography

The top three trends in the Cyber Security field are salary, career advancement, and the need for predictions of the future in how information is exchanged.

Cyber-crimes are becoming more popular and because of the many attacks that are happening much more frequently it has caused for a higher demand in cyber security professionals. Companies spend millions of dollars to correct security breaches within their organization. Back in 2008 the salary range for IT security professionals were in the $80,000 to $90,000 pay range per year, whereas in surveys from 2014 it shows these professionals earning $100,000 or more a
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Trautman, L. J. (2015). Cybersecurity: What About US Policy?. Available at SSRN 2548561.

This is a scholarly article talks about how the U.S. Congress passed five major legislative proposals designed to enhance U.S. cybersecurity. Following signature by the President, these became the first cybersecurity laws to be enacted in over a decade, since passage of the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002. An analogy with the recent deadly and global Ebola epidemic is used to illustrate policy challenges, and assists in transforming the technological language of cybersecurity into a more easily understandable story. Much like Ebola, cyberthreat has the ability to bring our cities to a standstill. Many cybersecurity policy implications are strikingly similar to those necessitated by Ebola. The characteristics of selected competing cybersecurity constituency groups are discussed: consumers; investors; law enforcement; business; federal, state and local government; and national security interests. It focuses on the progress toward dealing with the new pandemic of technological virus. The critical need for an immediate and effective coordinated approach to cybersecurity, and crafting policy goals and strategies are offered.

Corbin, K. (2013, August 8). Cybersecurity Pros in High Demand, Highly Paid and Highly Selective.

A survey of cyber security workers reveals a profile of a highly compensated profession whose members say the integrity of