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Topic 1:
Similarities and Differences among Living Organisms
Diagrams / what is in it
Extra Keys points to Hit on
How it is Frequently asked on the Regents
Inorganic Molecules
Do not contain both carbon and Hydrogen, but can contain any other combination of elements
Salts and Minerals , most acids and bases , Oxygen (O2 ), Carbon dioxide, and water

Which have specific life maintenance funcations
Mitochondria, nucleaus….

In multicellular organsims, groups of specilalized cells may be grouped into tissues to expand how they function
A single muscle cell would not be strong enough to move any organism- not even one as light as a hummingbird. Grouped with other muscle cells, however , muscle tissue can move an elephant

Different kinds of tissues may be combined to form an organ that performs one of the life processes. Several organs make work together as an organ system that also perfroms one of the life processses
For example, the heart Is an organ with the function of pumping blood. The organ may be a simple “arch” like the heart of the earthworm, or it may be complex four chambered structure like the heart of a monkey

Cell membrane
Is a thin structure that surronds the cell.

Separate the contents of the cell from the outside environment

Other Infromation / Diagrams ….
Where to find this Information
The basic structural and Functional Unit of Living things in a cell
Simple organisms may consist of just one cell; complex organsisms may consist of billions of cells.
Pg. 4 of the Living Environmnet Review book
the Jellylike substance inside the cell. It contains specilalized structures , transports materials through the cell and is the site of many chemical reactions associated with the cell’s metabolism

Pg. 5 of the Living environment Review book
Is a large structure that controls the cell’s metabolism and stores genetic information(DNA in Chromosomes).
“Control Center

Pg. 5 of the Living environment Review book