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Topics 8 & 9 Progress Test - SOLUTIONS

1. An organisation has decided that it needs a network.
(a) Other than sharing hardware devices and the sending and receiving of e-mail, describe in detail three benefits that networking would give the organisation. [3]

* sharing of information\data using a shared server or the Intranet * Maintenance of software i.e. Upgrade SINGLE copy of software on server instead on every PC * Backup of ALL users’ data

(b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages that the use of email brings to the organisation. [4]

* Advantages include * attach extra files e.g. documents, photographs * address book - addresses of people regularly e-mailed * named groups of addresses send same message to ALL the people in a group

* Disadvantages include * Possibility of viruses spreading using attached files * Physical items cannot be sent * Spam (junk e-mail) can fill inbox

2. Several types of Human Computer Interfaces (HCIs) are used with computer systems. Each type of HCI provides specific benefits to the user.
Describe a sensible different use and benefit, for each type of HCI listed below.

(a) Biometric devices [2]

Example use: * Iris or retina recognition can be used to gain access to a room/building/computer system without need for a password
* Better security because very difficult to fake iris patterns or handprints

(b) Touch-sensitive screens [2]

Example use: * Tourist information or on interactive museums displays
* easier for disabled people to use

(c) Graphical User Interface (GUI) [2]
Example use * Interface for a primary school pupil using a maths program
* GUI is easier for beginners (intuitive) – interface control by clicking with a mouse rather than typing commands

3. Efficient data processing systems offer many advantages when processing large amounts of data.
(a) Other than hardware and the quality of data being entered, describe three factors affecting the efficiency of data processing systems. [3]

1st factor is LACK OF TRAINING. For example Cost of teaching users how to