Essay about Topic of Kindness - intro and BP1 for the "Hunger Games"

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It does not seem unreasonable to suggest that: “Love and kindness are never wasted.” Not only is kindness the greatest gift of beauty, but it also helps uniting the community and enhancing our perceptions about giving back to the society. In the film “The Hunger Games”, directed by Gary Ross, Katniss’ acts have delivered to the audiences about how acts of tolerance influence our life within the fight-to-death battle between the teenagers on live TV contest. Her performance reminds me of my friend Catherine, whom compassion for the disabled people has dazzlingly inspired me. With kindness, we are able to achieve inner peace, happiness and inspire others to follow suit.
Katniss is the protagonist of the film “The Hunger Games” with such gracious and honorable characteristics. Her family comes from district 12, the most impoverished district of the nation of Panem. At the opening of the film, Gary Ross has built a strong sympathy for Katniss as she volunteers to replace Prim – her only sibling, when she is chosen for the Reaping, an event in which, annually, two tributes are called forth from each district to fight in the Hunger Games. Katniss would obviously know she might be at risk due to the existence of uncounted insecurities during the Game. However, if she only cares about her own safety, she will be left with guilt for the rest of her life when Prim suffered. Ultimately, she is willing to sacrifice anything as long as Prim is safe. Her eternal love for Prim has conveyed such a meaningful message to the audiences about how elevated kindness is. The beauty of compassion again has impressed us through the relationship between Katniss and Rue. Rue is so young and innocent that reminds Katniss of her dearest sister. Ross remarks Katniss’ generosity by cutting to the scence when Katniss is sharing her food with the little girl despite the fact that it is such a difficulty to seek for one deep inside the forest. Rue is also a lofty example of kindness, this is evidenced by the attempts on healing Katniss’ tracker jacker stings with leaves and protecting her from the other tributes. All of a sudden, another tribute named Marvel appears behind them so Katniss fires off her arrow to kill him. But, ironically, less fortunate Rue is killed by