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Analysis of Newsweek Article Isabel The University of Texas at El Paso

I have chosen an article about the church bombing in Pakistan taken from the world section in “Sunday morning bomb at Christian church in Pakistan kills at least 75” by Fakhar ur Rehman, Producer, NBC News. The article includes two pictures of the people in Pakistan at the bombing location. Also included is a short video of the aftermath. This article is very well laid out as it contains letters in blue and in bold of the title and also main points. Audience and Purpose
Who is the intended audience/discourse community for the genre?
The audience intended for this genre is the general public including people in the United States and Pakistan. The genre is in the English language and on an American web site.
What is the audience likely to know and /or want to know? Why?
The Audience will know about the bombing at a Christian Church in Pakistan and how many people were killed. “The rapidly-rising death toll reached at least 75 within hours of the blast”, Peshawar’s police commissioner, Sahibzada Anees, told NBC News.
How does the genre help to establish the information’s credibility? Is it effective?
The genre establishes the information’s credibility through World News on Also, the article includes pictures with descriptions and publishers name. It is very effective because the pictures tell a lot of the story and it helps the audience have a visual and better understanding of the situation.
ANALYSIS OF NEWSWEEK ARTICLE 3 How does the genre help to evoke an emotional response from the audience? Which emotions? Why?
Emotional response is evoked through the pictures, video and also through Prime Minister Muhannad Nawaz Sharif who said that terrorist have no religion and the targeting of innocent people is against the teachings of Islam. Anger and sadness is evoked because the audience sees, through the pictures and video, women and children crying and a community that comes together after the bombing.
What types of evidence are used to support the claims of the information in the genres? Is it appropriate? Why or why not?
Evidence to support the information is the video and the pictures shown in the article. Witness expressed themselves as well. “There was no security police, people were just standing by” a man said crying outside the church. This evidence is appropriate because not only does the producer tell the story but he shows it through the people of Pakistan. Structure and Delivery
How is the information