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I feel after reading the absolutely true diary of a part time Indian that I can relate to some of his transition struggles. In the story Junior decided to transfer to nearby Reardan High. After transferring schools he runs into issues of getting picked on and not fitting into his new school setting because he is the only Native American at that school. Although I was not made fun of or excluded because of race when I fist came to college, I do know what its like come to a new setting and struggle to fit in. It seemed like no matter what I did or where I came from I was always going to be getting a hard time because I was new to the team and an easy target for the upperclassmen. Nothing serious ever happened like getting beat up or anything but often freshmen were left out and picked on. Junior shows a great amount of resiliency throughout the story as he is faced with trials and tribulations. Junior copes with the world around him by rebelling and getting in trouble. He gets so frustrated about finding his mothers name in his geometry book that he throws it at his teacher and breaks his nose. When Junior transfers schools he decides to go out for the basketball team, a situation that could be very hard and scary to a new student in a new school. Junior doesn’t give up though and shows great resiliency and stays the course as he eventually earns a starting role on the team. I am resilient in such a way that when things get tougher I begin to work even harder, and use adversity as motivation to work harder as I strive to achieve whatever I am working at. I don’t